Zydec: Amram 500
Zydec: Amram 500+
Connection: Trapdoor Slot (A500/+)




A500+ version, without the clock
A500+ version, without the clock

Hi Res Version of Image 1 - 353K
Hi Res Version of Image 2 - 362K
Hi Res Version of Image 3 - 289K
Hi Res Version, AmRAM 500+ - 88K

Max Ram: 512k
Ram Type:DRAM Chips
RTC: Yes on A500 version, None on A500 version
Connection: A500/+ Trapdoor slot

512k memory expansion for the A500 and A500+. The A500 version includes a battery backedup clock because the A500+ already has one on the motherboard. You can of course use either version on either the A500 or A500+. They include a memory switch for disabling the additional RAM, primarily for compatibility reasons with old software.

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