Elbox: Zorro IV Busboard/Winner
Connection: Trapdoor Slot (A1200)




Image of Video Slot Enabler - 53K

Zorro II: 5 (Slot 1&2 are double speed slots)
Zorro III: None
ISA: None
PCI: None
Video Slots: 1 (Video Slot Enabler Required)
Other: 2 x Zorro IV slots, 4 x A1200 clock connectors


Z2 Timing Jumper:
OPEN: normal timing of all Zorro II slots [DEFAULT]
CLOSED: Enable special timing for the 5th Zorro II slot. At the time of writing there is no known card which requires this.

Fast-Z2 Mode Jumper:
OPEN: Normal mode for all Zorro II slots [DEFAULT]
CLOSED: Double speed for the first two Zorro II slots (upper 2 slots). Caution: This speed only works with cards which are adapted for this mode e.g. Cybervision 3D Mk-II or the Buddha FastZ2

CFG M/0/1 Jumper:
These jumpers configure the board to work with different Accelerators. See table below.

Accelerator CFG M CFG 0 CFG 1
Apollo 12xx (all models) OPEN CLOSED OPEN
Blizzard 1230-IV (older models) OPEN OPEN OPEN
Blizzard 1230-IV (newer models) OPEN OPEN OPEN
Blizzard 1240/1260 OPEN OPEN OPEN

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Brian Sharman, Iggy Drougge, Nils George, Peter Olsson

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