MacroSystem (US & Germany): VLab
Connection: Zorro II

VLab Rev 1.0
VLab Rev 1.0

VLab Rev 1.3, Y/C
VLab Rev 1.3, Y/C

Hi Res Version, VLab Rev 1.0 - 620K
Hi Res Version, VLab Rev 1.3, Y/C - 683K
Image of Vlab Box, Front - 22K
Image of Vlab Box, Back - 21K
Image of Vlab box and contents - 23K

The VLab is a full length Zorro II, 24bit real-time digitizer. The card is capable of digitizing 30 full frames per second. The card contains two composite connectors, the Y/C version has an SVHS/Hi8 connector in addition to the composite connectors. It requires at least 1MB of Chip RAM, 2MB of Fast RAM and requires at least AmigaOS 2.0

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